You tell us and we’ll tell everyone!

Why not tell us what upcoming events you have happening in and around Portmarnock! If there are popular coffee mornings or walking groups or just meeting up for a few scoops. We would also like to support people who have services to offer in the area as we are all finding it hard in the current climate. Either let us know on our Facebook page or our site here at Portmarnock Life!




Did you know?

The district’s name derives from the Irish word port – meaning port – and Saint Marnoch or Mernoc, saidto have arrived in what is now Portmarnock in the 5th century AD.

The area had been settled in Neolithic times, with a number of remains of activity in the area still evident today, such as flints and other tools having been excavated at the northern fringe of Portmarnock. Further, the remains of a ring fort are visible from the air at the south of the town. The son of Queen Maedhbh of Connaught – Maine – is also said to have been buried locally.